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Our weekly emails with top restaurant business news and information started as a side project for the founders of DineXpert, Katharine and Wendy, who were trying to keep up with the trends of the industry as we were working to launch our company.  

We found there were so many sources of content -- consumer food magazines, national newspapers and magazines, restaurant business publications, local news organizations and blogs -- but not many that focused specifically on the business of independent restaurants. We were constantly scanning our google alerts, social media feeds and email newsletters and send sending emails back and forth to each other with notes about a "great story about x."  

As the co-owner of a local restaurant group, Wendy also started sending around some of the best news stories and content she found to her other business partners. Although there were always stacks of food and restaurant magazines sitting in the company office, it seemed that the articles she forwarded were almost always something the other partners hadn't read before.  

So, the idea of the weekly email summaries was born. Together, we read hundreds of articles each week and boil it down to the top 8-10 articles that week related to running an independent restaurant (or bar or cafe or catering or other food related...) business.  

We also realized we have quite a bit of knowledge that we've used while working in the restaurant business and our previous careers, so occasionally we throw in some original content on topics we see are trending or creating tools that we think would be helpful for other restauranteurs.  

This isn't our primary business, just a way to share what we read and find, so it's 100% free and hopefully provides some value by allowing you to catch up on top restaurant stories and trends in just 5-10 minutes each week. If you want to be on the list, simply sign up. We will not share your email address with any outside vendors and you may unsubscribe any time you wish. 

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